What's "that thing?" It's the joy and meaning the arts can bring to all parts our lives.


Imagine a classroom where 5th graders utlilize storytelling and conflict resolution to build stronger math skills.  Or envision a project that brings together a new theatrical work, oral history collection, and education rooted in concepts of agriculture.  Those are the kinds of projects I love and work to help build with strong partners who are motivated to raise up quality of life through arts learning. When students of all ages are invited into "that thing" they are given the social and emotional tools they need to clearly express themselves, manage relationships, develop life skills, and thrive.


We know that the arts are beneficial to people of all ages.  I like to partner in creating programs that highlight the intricate attributes that the arts provide that often go unseen.  Examples of this include a developed sense of community, clear and earnest interactions, a sense of personal connection, and increased knack for problem solving.  There's a place for arts infusion in programs in places both expected and unexpected:  Schools, nonprofits, hospitals, small businesses, and Boards of Directors. The arts encourage attraction and capacity while building a level of comfort and understanding.


As an artist, educator, and engagement specialist, I can provide a portion of the content that makes an event, production, or curriculum special, however, it is the partners I work alongside who elevate our combined ability to impact communities.  When I am commissioned to write a new play or build a new project, (once the squealing and jumping for joy has stopped), I go to work, and that means reaching out to groups and experts that have deep insight into the fields surrounding what I've been hired to create.  This cross pollenation style of creation adds value and creates deep threads in a shared learning community. Theatre is entirely collaborative and inclusion equals impact!