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Big skies make for bigger dreams.

Every step I've ever taken has led me to an abundant career in the arts.  That wasn't always so obvious, though. As a lonely kid growing up in and around the sandhills, I spent a lot of time wondering how a girl from Nebraska could possibly carve out a place for herself in the arts.  Deciding to major in theatre at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the late 90's seemed more than a bit risky - it was practically controversial. As a young person I was more than a little scared about my future.  In fact, I probably did more to self-sabatoge than I did to cultivate my own gifts.  Luckily, I was surrounded by educators and artists who saw something in me, and now, in a symbiotic flow, I aspire to recognize the best attributes of people and places around me.
In my lifetime I've been a theatre worker, restuarant manager, a pre-mortuary science student, a farm implement assistant and manure spreader cleaner, a bank teller, a gas station attendant, a mom, a teaching artist, a poet, a playwright, a lyricist, a producer, a director, an actor, a project generator, a leader, an adjunct professor, and a small business owner.  I am 100 percent convinced that these diverse opporutnites have woven together a rich tapestry that continually lead me toward my best self.  I love my work, I love Nebraska, and I love connecting the dots between the arts and disciplines not traditionally identified as "artistic."  Quality of life is dependant upon an arts presence.  My focus is bringing that to the table and passing it around family style.

Fact: The way I look changes a lot, but usually it's a matter of accomodating different theatrical roles. It's still me, guaranteed. 

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The "Official" Story

Becky Boesen is a playwright, lyricist, director, actor, producer, storyteller, and teaching artist. Recently, Boesen toured her latest play  SNOWCATCHER , a one-woman show commissioned by the Midwest Theatre and Lincoln Arts Council. Set against the schoolchildren’s blizzard of 1888, SNOWCATCHER explores issues of child bereavement following the death of a parent. Other recent notable works include BULLET, 12 B STARLIGHT, and WHAT THE WIND TAUGHT ME.​​​

Boesen has written two musicals with composer David von Kampen : CATHERLAND and most recently PUDDIN’ AND THE GRUMBLE, which recently toured in West Virginia. PUDDIN’ AND THE GRUMBLE is an NEA ArtWorks project that was commissioned by the Lied Center for Performing Arts , premiered at the Johnny Carson Theater in March 2016, and was the spark for a bigger community collaboration between the Lied Center, The Food Bank of Lincoln , and Clinton Elementary School, called “The Grumble Project.” PUDDIN’ AND THE GRUMBLE was a finalist for the 2016 Richard Rodgers Award, an honor bestowed by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Boesen and von Kampen are currently collaborating on a new returner song cycle, ROCK EERIE, to debut in 2019. Boesen also had the honor of penning Welcome, Pioneers, a new poem set to a commissioned song by David von Kampen in honor of the Charter Celebration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln . She is the co-author of Pioneer Farms, a novel that celebrates the past, present, and future of century farms and has written various other published works. Her poem, Still Mine is slated to appear in the winter 2019 edition of the Cather Review and she is an associate producer for Out of Omaha , a documentary by Executive Producer J. Cole. Boesen is currently working on a new play, titled MR. ZANZIBAR, which explores the 1980's AIDS epidemic through the eyes of an Ozarks adolescent.

Boesen is also the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at BLIXT , and Vice President at The Grumble Project, organizations that improve the lives of people of all ages through the development of new theatrical works, community action plans, and arts education initiatives at the local, regional, and national level. Boesen has been honored as a “Playwright of Merit” by the Nebraska Arts Council and is a three-time Mayor's Arts Award recipient in Lincoln, Nebraska as well as a past artist in residence at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts and KANEKO . She is a producer of the ASCAP/Grow A Show New Musical Theatre Workshop and was named a “top 20 under 40” business leader by the Lincoln Journal Star . She was honored to recieve the Melba Cope Associate of 2017 by the Women and Gender Studies Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and commonly works alongside underseen communities to improve living conditions and increase opportunities at the local level. She currently is an adjunct faculty member at Nebraska Wesleyan University , and a consultant for the  Nebraska Community Foundation, working alongside Nebraska hometowns to lift local arts abundance.

Boesen is a member of ASCAP and the Dramatists’ Guild of America .

(She also has two super neat kids - Evan is 14 and Quinn is 9).

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